Introblast… Day 2


966530_278828255597160_7453582_oThanks for joining me again today as I introduce my personal blog this week with snippets/confessions that will give you insight to where I come from and who I am…


4) Some of my favorite things… curling up on a comfy front porch swing with my coffee and watch the sun rise or set;  Chill back in a hammock or chair with an ice tea and enjoy a breeze while listening to nature.  Truth is I REALLY need to learn to TAKE the TIME to allow myself to do these more often than I do.

5) I am a southern girl – I talk with that “sweet southern draw” (BTW this is Not an endearing comment coming from a non-southerner who has had me repeat myself multiple times just for the joy of hearing it). I believe in yes ma’am, yes sir, pardon me, please and thank you- holding the door for another and extending kindness.  I believe in treating others as I would WANT to be treated … now I to this I will point you back to#1 I CanNOT say that I have always done this without fail 😦

6) I don’t have the body of a 20 year old -of course, I didn’t have the body of a 20-year-old at Twenty because of the extra weight I carried.   Truth is I am ok with my age and while my body is Not perfect  (I will still workout to improve various aspects of physique)….  I am grateful for my HEALTH, for my CURVES,  and I embrace the body I have.


…. to be continued…. 🙂