What was your first car crush???


My first car crush. 🙂 that would be  ….


The Camaro Iroc-Z  *sigh* 🙂

Oh my goodness, I could just see myself in that car!!!
Now I would have been happy with any color of the iroc-z but I definitely wanted it with chrome wheels, Ttops (or convertible) and stick shift.
I did eventually own a Camaro (but not the Iroc-z).  Years have passed, still I am drawn to shiny, fast, and sporty autos.


A few more of my car crushes…

What was your first car crush? Do you have a current dream car?


Quiet moments


As I awakened in the pre-dawn hours my house was in a complete state of silence. A blissful resting state.  In a home filled with activity and two very verbose / vibrant kids, silence is not something we have often. Even the central heat and our pets were cooperative.  Complete stillness.
A variety of memories came to mind…. there have been times that silence was deafening, sad, and weary to endure.  There have been many mornings where being awake at this early hour was in order to comfort and care for a child sick with fever or flu. Then there have been those times where sitting by a family member or child’s bedside in a hospital filled with the busyness and variety noises like beeps, clicks, whirrs, etc. I longed for quiet or at least the sounds of my own home.   None of the previous scenarios apply to today. 🙂   Instead, this morning…..there was a beauty and peace to the silence surrounding my family.  Just quiet …. faint rhythms of my children breathing as they dream sweetly and all in my lil world seems almost surreal.  I am very thankful to enjoy these moments.