Yepp, I admit it ….


OK I know it won’t literally “Kill” me but this Facebook Hiatus is more difficult than I anticipated!!!

Yepp, I will admit I miss it – and I have a Facebook/social media habit!  But I am recovering… \(^_^)/   à  One day at a time!!!

credit danbo with computer

credit danbo with computer

A few journal notes ….

Day One— Am very thankful that I had the foresight to turn off all Facebook notifications so that I would not be pulled immediately back into using the social media.   It was a big thing for me to actually LOG OUT of Facebook on my phone (don’t know why, just something detaching and cold about it)  Many times I inadvertently still found myself thinking – I wonder what my friends are up to today (keep in mind I can call and ask but it’s easier if they are all updating Facebook right!?!?)

Day Two- Eye Opening…. One of my morning thoughts….Check Facebook- wish my friends a great day- see who’s having a birthday.  Did this friend have a great trip?  Wonder whether this person’s event went well- I sure hope so.  Even with good intentions the evidence is here.  Oh, I have a terrible habit… why is it I think I need to check Fbk/Pinterest/Twitter in the morning?  What is going on in this world that I MUST check my social network to get updated?  After making it through the morning without a social network fix… I get an email from a family member about an opportunity they think I’d like to participate in…. Guess what? You HAVE to sign up thru Facebook so it’s a no go!  Have you noticed everybody (businesses) wants you to “Like” them on Facebook or “Follow them on Twitter for special offers, discounts, etc YIKES–when did this happen???!!

Day Three- Getting easier.  Still have the thought multiple times throughout the day to check into the social media and see what’s happening in others lives, make a post or two.  Fight the urge to log in- Fight it !!!!!  Am finding that without the logging in on various social media I DO Have more time on my hands- That’s A PLUS -for a mom who doesn’t have enough hours in a day for what needs to be done!

Day Four:  Woke this morning feeling a bit more introverted /“anti-social” which is odd for me. But I fight it by deciding to get out of my little corner of the world and get some things done.  Thoroughly enjoyed the workday scheduled at the church and a few errands then back home to do my yard work. (Thankfully the grass is dry enough to mow!!! )  Not feeling anti-social anymore 😀  I think being on the social media maybe hindering me socially because it’s not Face-to-Face  social interaction. I think I need to be more Real Life social (personally) and less media social.

Day Five: I haven’t really noticed the “need” to post anything today, but it was a rather busy day.   I really enjoyed talking to friends at church, Bible Small Group Time and our Worship Service today.Spent some time thinking and putting some things in perspective.

Here is what I have noticed so far….

Turning off the social media opened up time so that I…

  • Had time to read.  I know this  may sound odd, but I actually had time to sit down prop up my feet and spend some time diving into written word this week.  (Not the rushed/ on a time limit/ can’t remember what I read) but true relaxing recreational enjoyment reading
  • Turned in my homework a day early  🙂 Yay me!!! (Instead of 1 hour before it was due)
  •  Had time to do more Bible Study and quiet time this week.
  • Got a few more things accomplished during my day than I expected. Definitely have found myself more productive in the time I am spending on projects. 
  •  Took a walk in the Rain and Loved it!   I am still wondering  where ALL that rain was coming from— because the sky looked like this!!!  
  • Beautiful sky where is the rain coming from?

    Beautiful sky where is the rain coming from?

  • Took time for my kids to read to me a little before bed time.
  • My edginess/grumpiness seems to be wearing off ( Not quite sure where it comes from– maybe time pressures/life pressures/ maybe internal pressure to get more things done OR maybe its withdrawal symptoms — I get edgy like that when I attempt to cut out my caffeine! )
  • Took time to see the sunset
  • Emotionally, I seem to be a little “happier”/ accepting with where my life is right now  =)
  • Sat down in  the hammock for the second time this summer.

The social media network hiatus continues…

Thanks for checking out my blog today.  If you are joining me on the 2 week hiatus from your most accessed social media networks then email me how it’s going for you or comment.

Have a Great week !


Are You Addicted?? Social Network Break Challenge!


Are You Addicted to Facebook??  Am I Addicted to Facebook?

Could I be an addict?

Could I be an addict?

Could I be a…   a  Facebook Addict?  a Pinterest Fanatic?  a Social Net Site Junkie?   an Aficionada of all things social media related?  Twitterpated with Tweets?  a Smartphone Media Network Enthusiast?

How do you KNOW if you are addicted?  Do people EVER SEE their addictions for what they are?  Are social sites REALLY a “drug” of choice for a lot of people today??  Is it easier to see others addiction AND  could I be blind to my own???

Am I on-line more than I realize?  Do I lose track of time when I am on a social site? Do I hit the on-line community to avoid less liked tasks and down-time in my life? How do I interact with my Facebook friends when we meet face-to-face?  How often pick up the cell or click over to Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?

What do I post?  How many pins a day?  How often do I post status updates?   Am I addicted to the “Likes” or Re-Tweets/Re-Pins (acceptance of others)?

Sure, there ARE good aspects and benefits to social media. But I must question… do they steal my time and attention from the life I have been given?  After all, I am only given so much time in a lifetime…how much is being thrown into the cyber world?  Could I be doing more constructive things with my time?

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 After scanning numerous articles here are few things that COULD mean you are addicted

  •  Do you sign in to any of the social media when you first get up and before you turn in?
  • Do you spend more than an hour each day on Social media?
  • Do you judge others by their Facebook profile/pages, Instagram Images, Pinterest Pins, Twitter Profile?
  • Do you post even once each day a status update?
  • Do you feel anxiety when someone doesn’t respond to your post, message, chat, comment, or other interaction?
  • Do you feel the need to add more and more friends/follows/etc?
  • Do you feel anxious if you have not logged in and read feeds from your friends/follows?
  • Are you concerned if you don’t log into Pinterest you might miss the best Fashion, Recipe, Quote, DIY,   Home/Garden, or Photography Pins?
  • Do you change/update your profile or pictures more than necessary?
  • Do you compare your REAL life with the “cyber-life” of others?
  • Do you check or update your Social Media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, et al)  while you are out with friends/family?
  • When asked how many friends you have do you automatically list the number on Facebook?
  • Do you daily refer to something in conversation that you saw on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest?

Hmmmm….. Still not sure?  Here is a short survey

I think the only way a person will truly KNOW if he/she has an addiction to social media is to take a hiatus from it.

So, Let’s see HOW addicted I really am… Here’s the experiment I’ve decided  to take a hiatus from my most accessed social media networks  ….  I will post my blog (which updates on Facebook and other social media profiles automatically) but otherwise I will cut out my use of Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/for the next couple of weeks. I will not be logging in directly to these sites at all.   I am CONVINCED that I am Not an addict!! So this should be easy-  Right?!?! —- =)

Are you addicted?  Are you Unsure if you are a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest Addict?  How about your kids?  Why not Challenge your children as well to go without using their social media for 2 full weeks!!

if anybody else wants to join in on this FACEBOOK /SOCIAL NETWORK BREAK CHALLENGE – let me know you are in… email me ,or respond on my blog page  (you can comment/like on my Facebook , ReTweet or Favorite on Twitter  but remember  I won’t be logging in to respond) But anyone is welcome to join in.  It’s a TWO-WEEK SOCIAL NETWORK BREAK and it begins when you sign on.   I am interested to hear from you – let me know how it goes with your challenge!  🙂

Taking a Break from Facebook

Taking a Break from Facebook

Don’t get stuck on the sand


Don't get stuck on the sand

I can see things I would like to change. I can wish for things to be different. ….but unless I make changes and begin reaching toward those dreams I will FOREVER stand on the beach and stare at the water. Those dreams & hopes will not come to be without making daily changes and steps toward them. Begin today toward the life you dream.

Wanna talk about#1,oh my me my—NOT!!!! Intro Kymberlee blogs Day 5


13) I am awestruck by nature ….  The sunset, the sunrise, the ocean, the mountains, a peaceful lake, a rushing river, watching the stars, listening to the crickets,  Hot summer sun, Cool Spring Breeze, Crisp Fall nights , the Thunder and Lightning as it lights the sky, the beauty of snow begins to fall in the winter or ice cycles hanging on the trees…  The beauty of nature captivates me.

14) I love great coffee!!!!  I am not a “coffee-snob” but I enjoy a smooth medium to dark roast coffee.   =)    Even more than the coffee I enjoy great conversations over coffee or tea.

15) I wanna talk about me –  Wanna talk about I –  Wanna talk about number one – Oh my me my — NOT!!!!!!  While I look forward to this personal journal blog experience – I find even this intro completely uncomfortable.  I enjoy sharing experiences, anecdotes and discussions but to sit and tell things about myself has been …hmmm well let’s just say- I am THANKFUL today is the last day of the introduction!!  Whew!! (I really wanted to bail about day 2)  I have trouble filling out the “about” sections on profiles and I can’t tell you the number of times I thought about starting one of those twitter #30thingsaboutme posts series ….I stop by #6 because it’s not really my forte’.  I don’t like to talk so much about “me” … I love hearing about others and sharing in their journeys. What a LONELY and Sad life it would be- to be the ONLY person – to live in my own little universe!  So this blog is about living, family, friends, life experiences, etc. I hope that it will inspire, encourage,  and maybe even brighten a day or too along the way.
Thanks for sticking with me during the intro to kymberlee blogs…

If you missed a day and want to catch days 1-4 of the intros you can find the links on the main blog page!
Wishing you a Great Remainder of the week!

kymberlee blogs … (day 4)


10) I am not where I hoped to be. Truth is things happen in life that you can’t control or change …expectations and dreams sometimes get dashed regardless of your best efforts. But NEVER lose hope/NEVER stop dreaming. Count each one of your blessings and trust God to bring good out of EVEN the most Chaotic upsets to your life. Realize also, that the dreams you felt a loss for were not as “grand” as you once thought. That having those chapters in your life close, open up new doors and new possibilities you otherwise would never have seen.

11) I don’t like religion but I LOVE God. To me, religion is what man does attempting to make rules to try to earn righteousness or set themselves as judges of others.  I have come to see many times over in my lifetime that one can obey man-made “religious” rules and yet be completely void of the love of God. I am a Christian/Jesus follower. I believe that through Jesus’s death on the cross I am justified (by his grace) and nothing I “do” could ever achieve salvation. I believe that my relationship with Christ is more than a set of rules….that each day is a journey to know God better. My faith is now a big part of my life and hopefully it reflects in all that I do/say. I don’t force my faith/Christianity on anyone, but will gladly share it. This blog is more of a personal blog – If you are interested in it, I share more of my faith journey in alternate blog :

12) I am not the type that has to be “in a relationship” to know their worth or to validate themselves. I tend to be a bit independent when necessary. Still, I love to be treated like a lady. I guess somewhere inside many of us ladies there is that hope that maybe… just maybe… there are some “Prince Charming”s out there. And we wonder could… “forever & ever,amen/ happily ever after”… still exist? (Not that we expect princes to be perfect nor the relationship to be without its challenges)

Thanks for sticking with me on the introduction to the new blog. This is day 4 of 5… If you want to check out the previous snippets, follow the links on the blog page for each previous day’s posts…

Hope you have a great day!

Day 3 Kymberlee Blogs Intro


7) It’s not easy to be a single parent…its very difficult to be mom/dad/coach/comforter/disciplinarian/counselor/ etc ….complete parental unit in one human being all the time.   Although the rewards are double, so is the responsibility of my decisions.  As a side note:  There is so much talk/ many written articles about single parent homes and children of single parent homes -however I am a firm believer that children “raised” (Not children raising themselves) by a caring devoted single parent have NO disadvantage!!

8) I love my children and am very blessed to have the privilege to be their mom.  Although there are days when my energy and patience are waning– Not a single day comes that I am not thankful for EVERY moment (even the gross cleaning up sickness moments, or tearful sad moments each family endures, or the grumpy pushing every one of moms buttons moments) I get with my children. I cherish all the moments and enjoy each joyful/fun ones all the more.

hiking 2013

9) It’s not easy being transparent to the world…. I thought journal blogging would be easy. For me, it’s not so difficult to write, but some things are difficult to say out loud (especially to the blog world).  Thoughts come to mind and you sometimes have to deal with emotional and life baggage you may have that you didn’t even realize.   It has definitely taken me out of my “comfort zone” even at this early part of the journaling/bogging, but by the same token it is freeing.  I choose not to write “to please” others, yet deep down you know there is a risk to putting yourself out there.  There are those friends/acquaintances you could unintentionally offend/alienate and those who will judge you. I choose to be real –  so I must say Que Sera Sera (What will be – Will be)

It’s day 3 of 5 on the Introduction series of my blog- Thanks again for joining me.  If you missed Days 1 & 2 you can check the links on my blog page.

Have a blessed Day!

Introblast… Day 2


966530_278828255597160_7453582_oThanks for joining me again today as I introduce my personal blog this week with snippets/confessions that will give you insight to where I come from and who I am…


4) Some of my favorite things… curling up on a comfy front porch swing with my coffee and watch the sun rise or set;  Chill back in a hammock or chair with an ice tea and enjoy a breeze while listening to nature.  Truth is I REALLY need to learn to TAKE the TIME to allow myself to do these more often than I do.

5) I am a southern girl – I talk with that “sweet southern draw” (BTW this is Not an endearing comment coming from a non-southerner who has had me repeat myself multiple times just for the joy of hearing it). I believe in yes ma’am, yes sir, pardon me, please and thank you- holding the door for another and extending kindness.  I believe in treating others as I would WANT to be treated … now I to this I will point you back to#1 I CanNOT say that I have always done this without fail 😦

6) I don’t have the body of a 20 year old -of course, I didn’t have the body of a 20-year-old at Twenty because of the extra weight I carried.   Truth is I am ok with my age and while my body is Not perfect  (I will still workout to improve various aspects of physique)….  I am grateful for my HEALTH, for my CURVES,  and I embrace the body I have.


…. to be continued…. 🙂